How To Install All-Unique Water Slide Decals


Cut out the images as close as possible, as shown, from the 8x10" paper and then place the image in a bowl of lukewarm water. It will immediately curl. Wait for a few seconds and with you fingers, try and slide the decal a little on it's backing. When it slides easily, remove it from the water and slide the image until it overlaps the backing enough to place on the project in its approximate place. Hold the image decal with a finger pressing it against the project, slide the backing paper carefully out from under the decal (Do not attempt to smooth or re-position the image yet!!)

brush out bubbles

Using a makeup brush, or in my case, a new acid brush, slide the decal to it's desired position and smoothing from the middle to the outside edges, brush the bubbles out from behind the decal and continue using your finger to hold in in place, smooth the entire image and edges until the decal appears to be properly placed and smooth without any bubbles. It may be necessary to splash a little warm water on the decal to keep it soft until you are satisfied.

As you get used to the process, the application of water will not be a factor of concern.

Allow it to dry for 24 hours and then apply a fine smooth coat of Krylon Crystal Clear from a spray can to protect the decal from abrasion and damage from the sun.

Krylon paints are available at most any hardware stores...

And that is how easy it is. Do not get in a hurry as the decals are very thin and fragil.